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Why Retail Risk Assessment Is So Important

Why Retail Risk Assessment Is So Important

Shopping centres are one of the public’s favourite places to visit so it’s vital that security is taken very seriously in order to keep shoppers, management, store employees, and physical assets safe. The most efficient and effective retail security management plans are those which are designed to fit a shopping centre’s unique security needs.

What exactly is a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a procedure that’s carried out in order to determine possible threats to the shopping centre and assess how vulnerable it is to these threats. Having ascertained the level of risk the aim of a security management plan is to decrease any possible threats and reduce the shopping centre’s vulnerabilities, in order to lower the overall level of risk.

What sort of threats?

In essence there are two types of threat. Internal threats are those that come from within a shopping centre and could include such things as staff theft, trip and fall hazards, security violatations, and structural problems which could affect the public.

External threats are those which come from outside such as robbery or an act of terrorism.

What about vulnerabilities?

This relates to factors which make a shopping centre more at risk to the danger of threats. This could include physical things such as a poorly designed building or a social factor such as lack of security awareness.

Risk assessments cover such elements as:

  • Physical security

  • Material security

  • Emergency response

  • Management policies

  • Access control

Why undergoing a risk assessment is so important

Risk and security management typically involves dealing with factors which are more complex and unpredictable than you’re possibly aware of. The data that’s collected will form the basis of the security managhement plan and allow recommendations to be made as to the best security measures to be taken for any specific scenario. In order to do this both you and your security provider needs to have a thorough understanding of the type of threats they face, the chances of them occurring, and the possible effect on the public, to ensure the security management system is fully equipped to deal with such incidents.

At MA Security Guards we’re highly experienced in conducting thorough risk assessments in order to provide the best security measures to fit the exact needs of your customers. We’re the perfect partner to work with you to provide the very best customer experience. Give us a call today on 1300 020 406 to see how we can help improve your retail security.

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