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Why Invest In Manned Guarding Even If You Have CCTV?

Why Invest In Manned Guarding Even If You Have CCTV?

It’s true to say that in this day and age the risk of your business at some point becoming the target of crime is not getting any less. But how do you protect your staff, your physical assets, and ultimately your bottom line?

The answer is with a manned guard.

Now you might well already have CCTV in place (and to be fair we’re often asked why a business should bother investing in manned guarding when they have CCTV) but there is certainly room for additional security in the guise of a physical presence. So let’s dive in and take a closer look.

  1. Security guards can see things that CCTV cameras can’t – regardless of the cost or quality of your CCTV camera one of its biggest challenges is blind spots. Because all cameras have their limits to their range, there is no one camera which can effectively monitor your whole site. Highly trained security guards have a ‘nose for crime’ and can sniff out anyone acting suspiciously. As well as carrying out regular patrols of you entire site, they can also monitor alarm systems and control gates.

  1. Security guards act as a deterrent – Professional thieves want to be in and out of an establishment as quickly as possible and if they see a security guard then they’re likely to seek out a softer target. Employing a security guard also shows the world that you take security very seriously and shows a would-be thief thar you’ve upped your security levels and there is a definite risk of them being caught red handed.

  1. Fast alarm response – Security guards can act quickly and efficiently should an intruder alarm be activated. Not just that, imagine the benefits of having a guard on site who could recognise a fire alarm and take the necessary action. Knowing that you have a security guard on site to take control of any situation and raise the alarm, is surely going to put your mind at ease and help you sleep better at night.

    On the flip side of this, it also means there’s far less chance of a false alarm as there is someone on site to identify the cause right away. This means that your key holder won’t have to leave their bed and dash to your workplace, not knowing what they’re likely to find. This is just one of the time and cost saving benefits of manned guarding.

For more information about how MA Security’s manned guarding service can help you maintain the safety of your business give us a call today on 1300 020 406. We’d love to discuss the options that would best work for your business and your security needs.

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