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Outdoor Perimeter Security – The 5 D’s Explained

One area of physical security that’s often overlooked is the perimeter. More often than not, the bulk of any security budget is spent on the protection of goods or buildings rather than outside areas. But let’s not forget, the increased security of outdoor perimeters can significantly increase protection well before the other (usually more costly) … Continued

Enhance Your Loading Dock Security Using These 6 Methods

Ask any business owner about their loading bay and they’ll tell you that it puts them in a catch 22 situation. Any business that holds goods can’t function without its loading bay so it really is a necessity. Yet at the same time it can create an inherent security problem, especially when trucks and goods … Continued

The 7 Advantages Of Security Patrols Over Static Guarding

Many property or estate managers who hire security might not consider roving or moving patrols as an option. However they have definite advantages over static guarding. In fact, here are 7 solid reasons why you might want to consider opting for moving patrols. Less likelihood of fatigue Although static guarding doesn’t necessarily mean the guard … Continued

A Brief History Of The Humble Turnstile

Here at MA Security, one of the main services we offer our clients is supplying them with experienced ticket and turnstile operators for events and festivals. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to look at the origins of the humble turnstile and it’s evolution into what we know today. When we … Continued

Prevent Retail Theft Using These 5 Speedy Low-Tech Tips

As a small business retailer, it isn’t always possible to throw money at problems such as shoplifting. While large retailers have access to costly hi-tech equipment such as door scanners, facial recognition software, and the latest CCTV, this isn’t something that fits with a small business budget. So the question is…what can you do as … Continued

Weighing Up The Cost Of Your Business Security

Whatever business or industry you’re in, there are 3 letters which usually dictate what you spend your money on – ROI! Before parting with any cash businesses understandably take into consideration the return they’re likely to receive for any initial outlay spent. Where something tangible is concerned such as wages or stock, it’s easy to … Continued

Theft In The Workplace And How To Prevent It

Recent statistics obtained from the Australian Federal Police indicate that a little over 70% of all fraudulent losses are due to either former employees or current members of staff. This alone is costing businesses over $1.5 billion a year. The problem is that it isn’t simply the cost of the theft that the business has … Continued