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Top Tips For Dealing With Festival Searches

It’s virtually impossible these days to enter a music festival or sporting event these days without being searched and with the threat of terrorism looming over us, this isn’t going to change any time soon. In fact we would would suggest that from our experience the trend is for a greater security presence. Naturally it … Continued

What Is Online Auction Monitoring And Why Do You Need It?

Here at MA Security, we’re more than just a provider of security personnel, in addition we also offer a number of specialised security solutions. One of those is online auction monitoring. Online auction fraud is among the most common cases of cybercrime reported in Australia each year. In fact since 2012, it’s reported that there … Continued

Is A Mobile Security Patrol Right For Your Business?

It’s true, we’re a nation of small businesses! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 97% of our nation’s businesses have less than 20 employees. This makes cottage industries the backbone of the Australian economy. Irrespective of size however, businesses still need to pay close attention to their security. The issue is that smaller businesses … Continued

How To Keep Yourself Safe At A Music Festival – 4 Security Conscious Ideas That Won’t Cost You The Earth.

As we’re entering the warmer spring season, it isn’t long before people start to turn their attentions to the plethora of summer festivals that Australians can enjoy over the next 4-6 months. While festivals like Big Day Out, Soundwave, Rainbow Serpent, and Moomba can attract massive numbers, there are also a multitude of smaller boutique … Continued