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Why Invest In Manned Guarding Even If You Have CCTV?

It’s true to say that in this day and age the risk of your business at some point becoming the target of crime is not getting any less. But how do you protect your staff, your physical assets, and ultimately your bottom line? The answer is with a manned guard. Now you might well already … Continued

Why Retail Risk Assessment Is So Important

Shopping centres are one of the public’s favourite places to visit so it’s vital that security is taken very seriously in order to keep shoppers, management, store employees, and physical assets safe. The most efficient and effective retail security management plans are those which are designed to fit a shopping centre’s unique security needs. What … Continued

5 Ways That Private Security Can Protect Your Site

It has to be the dream of all Australian business owners to operate in an environment where they, their staff, and their customers are guaranteed safety. According to research carried out in 2017 by The Guardian, it seems that more and more businesses across the world are hiring private security guards to protect certain people, … Continued

How To Prevent Shoplifting

Did you know that shoplifting accounts for a massive 70% of all retail crime? Quite shocking isn’t it. In fact the cost of shoplifting to the retail sector is in excess of $2 billion a year! So what can you do to prevent this behaviour? Fortunately there are several things that both you and your … Continued

Would My Business Benefit From Manned Security?

Unfortunately in these times of violence and crime, there’s no less risk of your business being a target for theft and damage. The thing is, just how do you protect your staff, business assets, and bottom line? A static security guard acts as a physical deterrent and is on hand to protect your staff, your … Continued

Top Tips To Preventing In-House Security Breaches

It’s not nice to think that your employees may be stealing from you, especially when you’re paying them a decent salary to work for you. Sadly this kind of internal theft is commonplace and according to Australian Federal Police, in excess of 70% of fraud losses in business either stems from ex-employees, or even those … Continued

Top Reasons To Use Custom Wristbands For Your Promotion Or Event

Wristbands are cool, colourful, and even hi-vis and what’s more, they’re great for promoting your brand or event. Wristbands for charities Charities have to work tirelessly promoting themselves and making people aware of them in order to garner funds. One way to encourage donations could be to give away a colourful wristband in exchange for … Continued