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Author: MA Security Group

What Exactly Is Electronic Security?

When you’ve been considering security measures for your home or business you’ve likely come across the term ‘electronic security’. So what exactly does this mean. Let’s take a closer look: It’s a very broad term which is generally applied to all manner of systems and devices which in some way or another are electronic; and … Continued

What To Look For When Hiring A Body Guard

People who are most likely to need the services of a body guard are usually VIP’s, socialites, politicians, or those who are influential in some form or another; as such it’s not uncommon for them to have competitors and opposites who would have little hesitation in threatening them for whatever reasons. Therefore if you need … Continued

Uncovering The Benefits Of Temporary Security

Everyone knows the value of good security both for business and home; but what’s temporary security about and who would use it? Trustworthy and reliable security guards are worth their weight in gold when you’re looking to protect your building or offices and if you’re hosting an event then the security of attendees has to … Continued

Shouldn’t You Be Using An Access Control System?

In this day and age there are countless reasons why you wouldn’t want everyone to have the freedom of entry into your office building, school, or residential complex. With no means of knowing who is coming and going, both staff and residents are likely to feel unsafe. While you may feel a traditional lock up … Continued

How To Prevent In-House Security Breaches In Your Business

Did you know that internal theft is one of the major causes of fraud losses in Australia? In fact according to the Australian Federal Police over 70% of all business fraud loss stems from either current or ex employees. Ultimately it ends up costing businesses a staggering $1.5 billion every single year. What’s more, the … Continued

What Are The Benefits Of CCTV Systems In Schools?

Recently statistics show that more and more schools are investing in or upgrading their current security systems. Unfortunately this is partly due to the times we live in. Just 2 days ago for example a gunman opened fire at a school in Tehema County California, injuring 7 children. While this is an extreme rare occurrence, … Continued

The Challenges Of Shopping Centre Security Explained

Australian shopping centres attract millions of visitors each year and with so many customers, it can throw up a large number of challenges and/or issues. For this reason it’s important to ensure that steps are taken so that shopping centres remain an enjoyable and safe environment to visit. Let’s take a closer look at some … Continued

How To Protect Your Business – Advice From An Ex Burglar

For many small business owners burglary is a real threat. In fact on average more than 63,000 businesses fall victim to burglary each and every year. Sadly, as insurance premiums increase and employees leave due to increased security concerns, many small businesses simply don’t survive and many cease trading. So what can you do to … Continued

Lax Lock Up Issues Are Leaving Australian Homes At Risk

In a recent Crime Stoppers report it was indicated that in the lead up to Christmas last year (2016) only one in five Australians were overly concerned about the security of their home when going away over the festive period. This is despite the fact that nearly four in every ten Australians had experienced a … Continued