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Author: MA Security Group

Reasons To Consider A Security Assessment

  Barely a day goes by with reading or hearing on the news of yet another break in or theft that has occurred locally. While possessions can be replaced, that’s simply not the case with the life of someone who has been threatened or harmed. So how do you know what security measures you should … Continued

What Essential Training Should Every Security Guard Have?

You only have to pick up a newspaper to read of yet another crime that has been committed. From robbery to murder – crime is being committed on an ever increasing scale in Australia and all over the world. As a savvy business owner or alert homeowner you probably understand the importance therefore of hiring … Continued

Does Your Alarm System Need Updating?

It’s hard to imagine life without the technology that many of us take for granted. Sometimes, however, it’s easy to forget that in order to perform to the best of its ability, technology often needs updating due to its age. This is the same for your security system but unlike an outdated television, failing to update … Continued

Home Security – 4 Mistakes To Avoid

While we’re all agreed on the importance of home security to keep our loved ones and our property safe and secure, in practice many of us are guilty of forgetting to take the necessary precautions with regards to home security; or we don’t always realise the possible consequences of some of our habits. Now don’t … Continued

Never Underestimate The Importance Of Warehouse Security

It’s not hard to see why warehouses attract potential thieves like bees to a honey pot. Warehouses are perceived to hold high value stock which is perfect for stealing and selling on. If you don’t have professional warehouse security in place then you’re practivally inviting illegal activity and putting your employees and inventory at risk. … Continued

Concierge Security – The Benefits

  It’s easy to be complacent about security because you’re located in an area which doesn’t have a high crime rate or you don’t have a valuable inventory. While it’s true that location can play a part in the level of security needed, it’s fair to say that any personal residence or commercial building is … Continued

The Importance Of Security Services In Educational Environments

We all like to think of educational institutes as happy places where students from all backgrounds mix together, are tolerant of one another, and grow into knowledgeable, mature, successful people who have the necessary skills to guide the country in the right direction. Unfortunately, this is the picture when viewed through rose coloured glasses. In … Continued

Retail Security Guards- Making The Right Choice

For most of us it would seem that retail security guards spend much of their time standing around looking bored. Most retail store managers will tell you, however, that successful guarding in any retail sector, is much more than involved than having a person stand in a particular position. Retail guards serve an important role … Continued