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Resource Strategy

MASG will ensure we have trained more than adequate number of staff required at each site in order to accommodate relief, ad-hoc and last minute requests. MASG ensures abundant levels of trained personnel are maintained throughout the duration of the contract so that client stakeholders can always rely on MASG to have the capacity for surge, adhoc events and any other requirements.

For large scale events, this strategy will be used together with our Stand-by Replacement Guards tactic to guarantee sufficient guards to commence and complete the assignment.

Roster Management

Our online employee database and rostering system provides our management with complete visibility of personnel capability and experience.

Our rostering system houses all information regarding site specifications and employee qualifications, inductions and personnel experience making the process of employee shift selection quick and efficient. MASG management have confidence in the data and are therefore able to select the right people for each job every time.

Rapid Response

As Australia’s premium event provider we have a competitive advantage in providing additional staff at short notice. We will select any additional staff that are site trained. Our online roster system will support our ability to dispatch the right personnel service deliverables.

Cross Training

MASG has identified that rather than continuing the traditional method within the security industry of ‘back filling’ vacant positions or shifts, MASG has undertaken a program of cross-training security officers throughout different corporate sites. This has already allowed us to provide sufficient numbers of manpower to many clients within our corporate & retail portfolio.

After being let down by another Security Provider we decided to investigate other companies within the market place. We chose M.A. Security and have been using their services since 2014. Over this period of time M.A. Security have provided us with a very high standard of service…



To dissuade disruptive teenage gangs from entering the Moomba precinct and compromising the ‘family friendly’ nature of the Event, City of Melbourne Risk Manager, requested additional rapid response teams stationed at entry points to both the Boathouse Drive and Birrarung Marr ends of Festival precinct. Four (4) Rapid Response Teams and 4 Team Leaders (24 Crowd Management professionals) were dispatched and assembled within 52 minutes at precinct entry points. Mustering teenage gangs saw the increased presence and disbanded.


When the major occupation of the Ringwood Railway Station was given the green light for commencement of major works, suddenly 40 extra security guards with Railway Industry Workers cards were needed in a hurry. MASG received the requirement at 6:40 AM on a Saturday morning. By 7:30 AM sufficient guards were on site and on post to begin the first shift.


Saturday 9th March 2013 at 5:35 PM Moomba Risk Manager, Bill Coleby, to declare The Moomba Festival shut down in the interests of public safety due to anticipated violent storms. Force 11 on the Beaufort Scale with wind speeds reaching 56 – 63 knots (103 – 117km/h).

MASG dispatched 12 traffic management specialist security guards to help manage the departing crowds at Alexandria Avenue and Batman Avenue and St. Kilda Road exits to. MASG marshalled the 48,000 patrons to depart in an orderly fashion within 75 minutes.