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MASG have all the necessary experience, capability and resource capacity to deliver our clients’ requirements. We currently service a broad range of clientele across Australia, including national and international brands, providing them end to end security services. Examples of the services currently being provided are as follows:

  • Customer service officers
  • Static guards
  • Patrol guards
  • Loss prevention officers
  • Control room operators
  • Monitoring access control systems
  • Alarm response services
  • BMS monitoring
  • CCTV operations
  • Access control management and card issue
  • Management of keys
  • Traffic Management
  • Screening Services
  • Employee, Contractor and Visitor escorts
  • Event Services
  • Close Personal Protection services
  • Chief Warden & emergency evacuation
  • First Aid response
  • Report of site maintenance issues
  • Asset protection
  • Mail screening
  • Concierge
  • Anomalies reporting
  • Building maintenance response (i.e. lift issues, blown light bulbs etc.)

MASG keeps a central support pool of trained security staff engaged on a casual basis. This pool of resources enables MASG to effectively meet any short term spikes in demand across contracts.

The MASG 24/7 National Operations Centre (NOC) both responds and actions reactive work orders and has patrol resources available for urgent patrols responses. MASG provides the security services 24 hours a day, 365(6) days a year.

From our foundation our aim was to become a national, premium security service provider. A ‘big-small’ company – a boutique organisation with the capability and scalability to deliver premium service.’

A Fresh Perspective

MASG are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure the overall security experience is exceptional and consistent with our clients’ operating format and expectations. MASG have pioneered new service delivery models specifically geared to the needs of clients with a strong focus on customer service and forming effective working partnerships.

Understanding client’s specific requirements and customising a service utilising MASG’s highly trained and customer focused personnel and quality driven processes, are vital factors to delivering the desired outcome. One single incident could damage your brand reputation and hence, your business. MASG takes the time to understand the context in which each client operates and implement a service specific to the nature of their environment. This includes hand selection of personnel, continual staff training and development, effective supervision and good contract management, ensuring our service integrates into the client’s operating format.

The boutique security service we offer our clients, focuses on much more than security. We are committed to contributing to our clients’ overall service experience through detailed planning, continual review of our operational arrangements, measuring and reporting on agreed key performance indicators and communication. Our dedicated team can offer this service consistently when other security providers struggle under the traditional security model. Each client service solution is documented into a Contract Service Delivery Plan, which transpires into an action plan for each client. Planning is crucial to our success.